Riches of christ church Inc. Nigeria

Riches of christ church Inc. Nigeria

 ABOUT US  (Who We Are)

Riches of christ church Inc. Nigeria, is a Church  established in 1987 by divine intervention through  Apostle Dr. C.I.E Mbah. It is an Evangelical/Messianic Jewish Assembly built upon the principles of the faith of our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their covenant with Yahweh Elohim. Her  Doctrine is built upon the principles of righteousness and justice following the footsteps of Yahshua  the Messiah [Jesus Christ] who is the Head of this Assembly.

Behind the helm of affairs of the Assembly is the Acting General superintendent. Elder H.O Akpuda, He is a man of vision, focus and drive, resolved to follow and improve on the strong foundation laid by his predecessor Apostle Dr. C.I.E Mbah , . He took over the mantle in Jan, 2017 determined to follow the strict path to salvation, standing firmly upon the Bible as his guide, guard and rule, in the faith of Yahshua Messiah, the Owner of Riches of christ church Inc. Nigeria , powered by Sound Doctrine.


The Church  renders services in the following areas: Charity, Evangelism,

In line of evangelism, this Church evangelical department, move heaven and earth to reach out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel with the message of sound doctrine via the Satellite, Internet , Print-media and Radio.

This Church  also has a guidance and counselling department and Spiritual Faith Healing and Prayer Partner Ministration Services by which the Church prayer Warriors receive and handle requests from the public.


The Assembly has some group like the men, women, youth and children’s groups. The Assembly  has two major associations, Messianic Youth  Association, MEYOR (consists of all the Youth in the Assembly), and the Daughters of Zion – DoZ (consists of all the women in the Assembly). Other groups include the Elders & Deacon Association. These groups carryout different programmes in the Assembly.


The membership of this great Assembly  is open to all and sundry. Whoever is willing to be part and parcel of the Assembly  is acceptable. Thus, membership of this Assembly  defies all forms of religious, racial, culture, creed, language, nationality or gender barriers.


This Assembly has branches almost 36 states in Nigeria, it’s branches in Aba, OKO, Abuja, Cross-River, Isuochi and Enugu..


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